Friday, December 16, 2011


When attacked -  use your attacker's head! It can be real embarassing.

In traditional martial arts, we teach all of our students self-defense - we also look forward to teaching members of the general public how to defend themselves. Check out our schools in Arizona, Utah and Wyoming.
Self-Defense clinic at the University of Wyoming
At Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai, we love to teach self-defense to the public. Learn more about our martial arts federation.

Some recent comments from attendees of our self-defense clinics - "We had a wonderful time at the self-defense clinic. You people put on a great program" - Posted by Tim and Tina on 12:30 PM November 14, 2010.

"Myself and friends attended your public self-defense clinic - now we feel more confident with running around campus and town, but also had a super night. The techniques and Witt was a great combination" - Posted by Jamie R on 12:32 PM November 14, 2010.

"What a wonderful clinic! We had a super time. This was sooooo fun and entertaining. You should take this on the road and teach it at every university. Very practical and easy to use self-defense with levity. Thank you and thanks to the UW Karate Club" - Posted by Diane & Kara on 07:49 AM December 11, 2010

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chandler Arizona Librarians Use Self-Defense

A good book can be good weapon. Pencil
sketch by Soke Hausel
Imagine – you’re in-between bookshelves at the public library just before closing – someone sneaks up behind and grabs you. What do you do with that book in hand?     

Well you could read them a story, or if it is a serious attack, that book could be used as a self-defense weapon!

Librarians and staff of the Chandler Public Library were confronted with this and other imaginary scenarios at a seminar taught by Hall-of-Fame martial artist and grandmaster, Soke Hausel of the Arizona Hombu Dojo in Mesa (60 W. Baseline Road, Mesa) and world head of Seiyo no Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai in Gilbert. 

Grandmaster Hausel taught traditional martial arts for more than 4 decades at four major universities prior to opening the Arizona Hombu dojo in Mesa, Arizona. The arts that he teaches includes kobudoKobudo is a martial art of ancient Okinawan farming & fishing implements that are used for self-defense. The techniques and concepts of kobudo can easily be adapted to  modern garden and construction tools, as well as to most any movable object around the house or workplace. Soke Hausel admits that he had a very difficult time walking through any garden and tool shop without visualizing how modern tools can be used for self-defense - as a result, he has many garden tools he purchased around the Phoenix valley to use in his training at the Arizona Hombu dojo.

Soke Hausel demonstrates a very simple response to a wrist grabs
at the public library

During the seminar at the library, Soke Hausel taught the librarians to escape from wrist grabs, lapel grabs and bear-hugs by using elbows, knees, feet and hands and taught them how to use books, magazines, coins, pens, belts, and car keys for self-defense tools against aggressive attacks. The attendees were surprised to find they were working with potential self-defense weapons every day and even checking some out to the public. Who would have thought that a book or rolled up magazine could be so effective in self-defense? But Soke Hausel told the librarians that they must think about this every day in order to reach a mental state talked about in Zen and in martial arts - that of mushin or no mind! He told them that they must learn to react without thinking! 

Soke Hausel has taught similar self-defense clinics and seminars to local political groups, EMT, university faculty and staff, military, scouts, teachers, women’s clubs, sororities, religious groups, martial arts instructors, seniors, etc. He is a professor of martial arts and currently teaches karate, kobudo and self-defense in the East Valley.

Monday, September 12, 2011

SELF-DEFENSE Clinics for the GENERAL PUBLIC are Popular

Using one's palm can provide a very effective strike.
Once again, the Hall of Fame martial arts instructor from the University of Wyoming and now Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona is recognized for his many accomplishments - this time by Marquis Who's Who in the World. Soke Hausel, who operates the Arizona School of Traditional Karate in Mesa and the Seiyo Kai International (Seiyo No Shorin-Ryu Karate Kobudo Kai) Hombu in Gilbert was selected for the 2012 prestigious encyclopedia as he has been for the past several years. Fred Marks, Editor-in-Chief, noted that Soke Hausel has been selected for inclusion in the 2011 (28th edition) of Who's Who in the World and is being considered for inclusion in the 2012 (29th edition) of Who's Who in the World.

Soke Hausel teaching self-defense to University
of Wyoming Air Force ROTC

One of many techniques taught to advanced martial artists but not
to the general public.
How would you react when someone grabs you?

Defending yourself at Soke's clinics often involves some laughter