Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Personal Self-Defense - Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Phoenix, Tempe

Students at the University of Wyoming learn self-defense to assist in self-
confidence as well as self-preservation. Over the years, Grandmaster Hausel
offered dozens of such clinics and classes to students, faculty, staff, and
various groups. The Hall of Fame Karate Instructor has been part of the 
martial arts community for more than a half century.
Dozens of self-defense classes and clinics offered to faculty, staff, students and the local community at the University of Wyoming as well as to people in Utah and Arizona were taught by Grandmaster Hausel in an effort to better prepare people to defend themselves if attacked on campus or in the community. According to sources, as many as 25% of all women attending classes on campuses in the US will be sexually assaulted during their four-year college career. "This is a frightening statistic". "So be prepared and don't become a statistic". In recent years, the University of Wyoming student housing provided grants to fly the Hall-of-Fame grandmaster from Phoenix to Laramie to teach these clinics and were free to the university community.

Soke Hausel also offered clinics to girl scouts, private groups, political groups, ASU and Chandler Librarians in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe Arizona where the Hall-of-Fame grandmaster now resides. Attendees commented on these clinics and noted the training made them better aware of their surroundings and also forced them to think about possible scenarios and weapons at hand. One remarked they will never be able to look at a magazine again without thinking how quickly it can be made into a weapon. Librarians from Chandler, Arizona were surprised they had been checking weapons out for years without realizing that books can also be used as very effective weapons. In another group - two women from Mesa talked about how they were planning to train together with their car keys and purses after talking one of the self-defense clinics. And one woman from Gilbert mentioned she had actually been mugged while jogging, and now she felt better prepared and confident. One father noted that he plans to sign his daughters up for karate classes by Soke Hausel and train them to be sure they are prepared before starting classes at Arizona State University.

Personal self-defense clinics are designed to teach non-martial artists simple, but pragmatic self-defense. In these clinics, attendees learn to use balance, body weight, elbows, knees, hands, and feet to their advantage. Because it is impossible to effectively teach anyone self-defense in a 2-hour clinic, it is highly recommended attendees follow-up with additional self-defense classes so they can achieve one of the great attributes of karate - muscle memory with focus. In order to be able to defend yourself, you must practice, practice and then practice. This is why it is recommended  people sign up for traditional karate or jujutsu classes that do not involve themselves with competition. Traditional karate and jujutsu schools teach students how to defend effectively and do not focus on tournaments.

At the clinics, attendees are taught common weapons and some martial arts weapons. Stop, think and visualize the following tools and try to imagine how you could use these in self-defense. Visualize car keys, pen, coins, book, magazine, rock, stapler, purse, cell phone, I-pad, glasses, belt, towel, etc. If you can visualize how to use the above tools for weapons, you will understand your world is filled with weapons. Practice using these often to be prepared if ever attacked. One thing you don't ever want to do is to have to think about how to use these when that day comes.

Have you ever been attacked? All it takes is one time, and when these people physically survive, they are mentally scarred for life. We all wish we could convince our friends and neighbors to learn self defense before something bad happens - it gives self-confidence, helps you maintain your health and weight, and if you learn at a good martial arts school, you often have a great time and make lifelong friends

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